What Data Scientists Learned After Analyzing a Billion Spins at Online Slots

Addiction to gambling is described as a persistent need to gamble despite the negative effects of doing so and a desire to cut down or stop.

Though research shows that just a tiny fraction of the world’s population has a true gambling addiction, many still consider it to be a major problem.


actions in virtual casinos

The lack of understanding of the factors that entice and ultimately lead slot players to spend more than they can afford to lose is particularly concerning.


Future Anthem, a frontrunner in the field of Game Data Science, uses machine learning to bridge this gap.


They plan to employ cutting-edge AI technology to assist gambling operators in expanding their businesses by using methods gleaned from studying massive data sets that provide priceless information about player activity.


This data could help keep users around longer and make online gambling safer for everyone.

Research and Future Anthem’s Safer Play Software


The Future Hymn

The London-based startup Future Anthem was established that year. Game Data Science is their area of expertise, and they’re working to develop artificial intelligence (AI) software solutions for player safety and in-game customization.


Leigh Nissim, CEO of Future Anthem, has worked in the gambling sector for more than fifteen years. Their chief data scientist, Dr. Edmond Mitchell, holds a Ph.D. in machine learning from Dublin City University and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the National University of Ireland.


Using data from billions of slot spins, the Future Anthem team analyzed player behavior in 2021. They looked for commonalities between in-game mechanisms and indicators of adverse effects.


The latter term alludes to the unfavorable psychological repercussions that can result from playing online slot machines and includes ideas like “immersion” and “chasing losses.”


Ahead in Data Science, Games Safer Play is Anthem’s primary piece of software technology, and it’s an Anthemetrics AI-based responsible gambling solution.


Their data models take in-game data in real-time via their real-time data infrastructure and return results while consumers are still engaged in the game.


This program is the first of its kind to proactively identify dangerous betting patterns occurring during a session.


In trials, Anthem’s tech was able to spot 88% of players a week before they decided to self-exclude or were forced to cease playing by the operator. As an added bonus, 70% of players who were already likely to utilize a responsible gambling tool were recognized by the program before they even activated this feature.


Future Anthem and operators can encourage responsible gambling by intervening when they identify indicators of unsafe play. It enables players at online casinos to follow best practices and keep one step ahead of regulators.


What’s more intriguing is that the studies conducted by Future Anthem and Gamesys found no statistically significant association between player markers of injury and the primary game parameters, RTP, volatility, or hit rate of online slots.


However, they discovered that there were 36% greater dangers associated with nocturnal play.


Why and How Data Science Is Changing the Face of Online Gambling

Data science, for the uninitiated, is an interdisciplinary topic that seeks to gain insight from raw, unstructured data by the use of procedures, algorithms, and scientific methods. To better comprehend certain phenomena, this field of study attempts to bring together data analysis, informatics, and statistics.


Studies of Gamblers

With the advent of big data, companies of all sizes may now learn more about their clientele than ever before. Instead of using a generic model, they may tailor each user’s experience based on their specific preferences with the help of predictive analytics.


That’s a huge plus in the world of internet gambling. There, operators can employ these strategies to keep players interested by suggesting games they might enjoy and delivering individualized casino bonuses.


These sorts of actions have the potential to increase client loyalty while also pleasing casino operators.


Last Words

Humanizing data is at the heart of Future Anthem’s research, which aims to make online gaming a more secure and enjoyable experience for everyone. This brings us one step closer to integrating data science with human behavior to create a long-lasting and fun gaming world focused on the players.


We all look forward to the further development of new research and tools in the field of Game Data Science.

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